Masterlink Credit Card Payments


Ideal for Guest Laundries!

Add payment versatility while building customer loyalty. Depending on the CardSlide selected, MasterLink can accept coins, SmartCards and debit/credit cards. Wireless and simple to install, it is also less expensive because it requires fewer components. Nonetheless, MasterLink offers many of the bells and whistles of larger systems, including access to MyLaundryLink management software and the Laundry Aware Monitoring System.

When a credit or debit card is swiped at the washer or dryer, the CardSlide wirelessly sends the data to a the MasterLink CardSlide Reader, which features an internal router. That router transmits the data to a local modem, which is connected to an Internet line. The modem sends the information to an ESD-hosted server where the request is moved on for processing. If the customer’s credit card company approves the transaction, an approved message is returned via the same route and a small green light on the external card swipe illuminates. The CardSlide display counts down the proper vend price and a pulse is sent to start the machine. This takes just a few milliseconds to complete. In the event the credit request is denied, that message will be returned and a small red light on the card swipe will illuminate.

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